Fingerprint Algorithm

The know-how acquired through our long history of product applications and field experiences, as well as our research and development efforts, are responsible for this achievement. Our system demonstrates fast recognition speed, highly accurate recognition ratio, and excellent recognition capability.

➡ Profile

The recognition algorithm is primary composed of the extraction algorithm and the matching algorithm, and the classification algorithm. The extraction algorithm is a series of processes that extract characteristics of a scanned fingerprint image that are to be used in fingerprint matching, as well as core, delta ,the number of ridge Features between specific points, and other supplementary information. The matching algorithm compares the inputted fingerprint with registered fingerprints to Find a match based on extracted characteristics.

➡ Minutiae Extraction

The extraction algorithm, when fed the fingerprint image, improves the image and analyzes fingerprint characteristics, and performs binarization using the analyzed data . Afterwards. it performs thinning work considering temporal performance, extracts characteristics after post processing, and saves as a template made up of characteristic points.

➡ Matching Algorithm

The matching algorithm finds out whether there is a match by comparing two templates extracted by the characteristic point extraction algorithm, specifically by comparing the positions of each characteristic point and the structure.

➡ Certification of the Nitgen Fingerprint Algorithm

The performance of Nitzen’s recognition algorithm was verified by a test conducted by the US’s IBG (International Biometric Group). The test by IBG is not simply a technical performance test of the algorithm but it evaluates the fingerprint system based on scenario tests.

Certification of the performance of the fingerprint recognition algorithm by Korea Information Security Agency On October 2, 2008, the certification of the performance of the fingerprint recognition algorithm was given by KISA, a first in Korea, and the certification has significance in that it was an objective evaluation of the recognition performance, which has been pointed out as a problem in the domestic biometric recognition field.



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