Nitgen N5 – X


The Nitgen N5 – X is probably the world’s most comprehensive Biometric Access Control Reader. It has been developed to replace our NAC-5000 unit and features a “cutting edge” Fingerprint Reader. It boasts a Hi-Resolution LCD touch screen and a range of authentication mechanisms including FP ID, Proximity Card and/or Individual PIN Code. Up to 10,000 users per terminal may be registered and hundreds of terminals can be used on a single network.


  • High Quality High Resolution In-Built Camera for “Live” Image Capture.
  • 1.4GHz Quad Core Hi Performance CPU with 8GBytes Flash Memory & 1GB RAM
  • 3 choices of Authentication Mechanisms are available; Fingerprint / Proximity Card / Individual Pin Code
  • Any 2 of the aforementioned methods may be used Concurrently for Additional Security if required
  • Patented “Fake Fingerprint Detection System” in place plus RF & Smartcard Options
  • Download App for use with your Mobile Phone via Bluetooth
  • Records Images of all activity (authorised & unauthorised attempts at use) in a “Searchable” Database.
  • ACM Pro Software provides a complete Audit Trail of all User activity for up to 1 Year
  • 5” Touch Screen for all Data Input – eliminating manual “Push Buttons”
  • Displays Logo’s, Corporate Messages, Graphics, Photos as required
  • Clear and audible Voice Acknowledgements in response to command instructions
  • Individual Name Acknowledgement of each User on the Screen at “Log On”
  • Short “personal” messages may be left for Individual Users to pick up on arrival
  • Wireless connectivity available across most protocols with KE, CE & FCC Certification
  • Generic Messages (Fire Drill Warnings/System Downtime etc.) may be displayed for “User Groups”
  • Screen may be used to display Promotional Material etc. (any Graphic may be loaded)
  • Any type of Electric Locking System may be used (Solenoid/Mag Lock/Deadbolt/etc.)
  • Up to 10,000 Users per Terminal may be registered with a throughput time measured in Nano Seconds
  • Hundreds of terminals may be used across the Network – each one treated as an IP Addressed device
  • Should the Network fail for any reason, the system will continue to operate –
  • Storing all data at the Devices for automated recovery when the LAN issue Is corrected.
  • Individual Staff Data Is registered at a central point and can be transmitted automatically to all Terminals
  • Units may be modified for use with any HR System (using an SDK) for use as a Time Clock.
  • All Data is kept in a Central Database under the control of a System Administrator.

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Project Details

Client : TommusRhodus
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Access Control Range
Address : http://madeinebor.com

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