Nitgen Hamster II – PC/Server Fingerprint Reader

The Nitgen Hamster II is the ultimate in PC / Server data protection and security. The Hamster II can encrypt individual files and folders at the touch of a fingerprint and secure your desktop and/or specific applications allowing each user unique and personal control. With the same Plug and Play setup as the Hamster I, Hamster II adds many additional features including “Live” finger detection and “Auto On” functionality.


  • Simple installation & configuration with “Plug and Play” automated Windows setup
  • The Hamster lI is connected via a USB port to any Windows based PC or Server
  • Administrator level enrollment gives the highest possible level of security
  • Access to every item – from the start button – right through to standard desktop applications – can be brought under “unique & personal” control
  • “Live” finger detection system
  • Individual files and folders are encrypted and decrypted at the touch of a fingertip
  • A full audit trail is automatically kept of the movement of all encrypted files
  • Encryption and decryption functions are conducted in nano seconds
  • Data stored under hamster encryption on a server is 100% safe – even if the server and system firewall & other security is breached
  • Auto On: The Hamster II automatically detects the presence of a finger when placed on its fingerprint sensor and signals the “application” to capture the fingerprint. This automated fingerprint sensing eliminates the need for the user to prompt the application and wait for fingerprint capture. Auto On is ideal for high traffic or high throughput uses
Project Details

Client : TommusRhodus
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Peripherals
Address : http://madeinebor.com

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