Nitgen N2 – X


The Nitgen N2 – X is a 21st Century Technology Access Control Reader.  It boasts a Hi-Resolution LCD touch screen and a range of authentication mechanisms includes Fingerprint and/or RFID Proximity Card.    This unit can be installed “Stand Alone” or given an IP Address and run on your standard LAN or WAN.    Up to 10,000 users per terminal may be registered and hundreds of terminals can be used on a single network.


  • High Quality High Resolution 128 x 160 Screen & In-Built Camera for “Live” Image Capture.
  • 32 Bit / 400 MHz Processor & 64M SD Memory;
  • Several choices of Authentication Mechanisms are available; Fingerprint / Proximity Card / Smart Card
  • Any 2 of the aforementioned methods may be used Concurrently for Additional Security if required
  • Patented “Fake Fingerprint Detection System” in place plus a variety of RF & Smartcard Options
  • Download App for use with your Mobile Phone via Bluetooth
  • Records Images of all activity (authorised & unauthorised attempts at use) in a “Searchable” Database.
  • ACM Pro Software provides a complete Audit Trail of all User activity for up to 1 Year
  • Touch Screen for all Data Input – eliminating manual “Push Buttons”
  • Displays Logo’s as required
  • Clear and audible Voice Acknowledgements in response to command instructions
  • Wireless connectivity available across most protocols with KE, CE & FCC Certification
  • Any type of Electric Locking System may be used (Solenoid/Mag Lock/Deadbolt/etc.)
  • Up to 10,000 Users per Terminal may be registered with a throughput time measured in Nano Seconds
  • Hundreds of terminals may be used across the Network – each one treated as an IP Addressed device
  • Should the Network fail for any reason, the system will continue to operate –
  • Storing all data at the Devices for automated recovery when the LAN issue Is corrected.
  • Individual Staff Data Is registered at a central point and can be transmitted automatically to all Terminals
  • Units may be modified for use with any HR System (using an SDK) for use as a Time Clock.
  • All Data is kept in a Central Database under the control of a System Administrator.

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Project Details

Client : TommusRhodus
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Access Control Range
Address : http://madeinebor.com

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