Nitgen NAC FA2

The Nitgen NAC FA2 is a highly featured outdoor (IP65 Rated) biometric access control device. Featuring stylish looks, a cutting edge fingerprint access controller and a choice of 3 authentication mechanisms, fingerprint, proximity card or individual pin code. This access controller can handle up to 10,000 users per terminal abd is priced very competitively.


  • 3 choices of authentication mechanisms; fingerprint / proximity card / individual pin code
  • Any 2 of the aforementioned methods can be used concurrently for additional security if required
  • IP65 Rated (weatherproof) may be used outdoors if suitably housed
  • Should the network fail for any reason, the system will continue to operate – storing all data at the devices for automated recovery when the lan issue is corrected
  • Provides a complete audit trail of all such activity for up to 1 year
  • Any type of electric locking system may be used (solenoid/magnetic/deadbolt/automatic gates)
  • Up to 10,000 users per terminal may be registered with a throughput time measured in nano seconds
  • Hundreds of terminals may be used across the network – each one is connected with an RJ45 plug and treated by the network as an ip addressed device
  • Individual staff data is registered at a central point and can be transmitted automatically to all terminals across a standard lan or wan
  • May be linked into any hr system (using an sdk) for use as a time clock
  • All data is kept in a central database under the control of a system administrator
Project Details

Client : TommusRhodus
Date : 03/09/2014
Skills : Access Control Range
Address : http://madeinebor.com

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